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Open daily from 11:30 - 22:00 (continuous warm cuisine)

To Share

Du Pont Platter

Raw ham, bacon, dried meat,
sliced cheese, mountain cheese

CHF 30.00

Sliced cheese

CHF 24.00

Dried meat

CHF 32.00


Green salad

House dressing

CHF 12.00

Mixed salad

House dressing

CHF 14.00

Tomato soup

CHF 15.00

Local Specialties


CHF 11.00

Cheese sandwich with ham

Ham, egg

CHF 25.00

Cheese sandwich veggie

Tomato, egg

CHF 25.00

Cheese sandwich Valais

Dry-cured ham, apricots and egg

CHF 25.00

Main Courses

Entrecôte Café de Paris

200gr., Pommes allumettes

CHF 49.00

Minced meat with macaroni

with applesauce

CHF 27.00

Swiss Alpine macaroni and cheese

with applesauce

CHF 24.00

Fondues for at least 2 Pax

Fondue Du Pont

3 types of cheese

per person

CHF 34.00

Fondue Deluxe

Champagne, black truffle

per person

CHF 46.00

Fondue Valais

Apricots, dried meat


CHF 39.00

Fondue Clemenz



CHF 37.00

Tomato Fondue

per person

CHF 37.00


Toblerone chocolate mousse

CHF 16.00

Coupe Denmark

CHF 12.00

Coupe Valais

CHF 13.00


CHF 9.00

Declaration of origin

Pork, beef & chicken: Switzerland
Entrecôte: Australia*
*May have been produced with hormonal enhancers and antibiotics
Our staff will be happy to inform you on request about ingredients in our dishes that may cause allergies or intolerances.

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